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Example file of Thristico graphic symbol

Here is a PDF of the Vector file I uploaded yesterday called Thristico. It’s like an infinity loop, useful for those diagrams that clients like to produce that shows things working together, like “information > feedback > improvement” that kind of thing. To be crystal clear, this is not a licence for you to use this file anywhere you like, this file has previously been sold on iStockphoto as a royalty free file and as such if you were to use this as part of a logo for your client you would be unable to trademark that logo. If however you wanted to use this file in a project, something like part of an infographic for example, then go ahead, you have my permission for that. Just don’t come asking me for sole use or a licence to use in a logo etc, because I’m unable to grant such a thing. I will however sell you the original illustrator vector file if you wanted to make some adjustments which are hard to do from importing the PDF file I’ve supplied.

Vector file available to buy

Download the vector PDF of Thristico here…

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